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City of stars
Are you shining just for me?
City of stars
There's so much that I can't see
Who knows?
I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you
That now our dreams
They've finally come true

Just one thing everybody wants
There in the bars
And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants
It's love
Yes, all we're looking for is love from someone else
A rush
A glance
A touch
A dance

A look in somebody's eyes
To light up the skies
To open the world and send it reeling
A voice that says, I'll be here
And you'll be alright

I don't care if I know
Just where I will go
'Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling
A rat-tat-tat on my heart

City of stars
Are you shining just for me?
City of stars
You never shined so brightly

This song stucked in my head these days. And the movie - I must say watching this movie I was reminded at this may seem with the romance of Kate and Leo in Titanic. Mia and Sebastian's love though is shattered by reality, in that their dreams can only be realized if they themselves give up their relationship and pursue their dreams. I think the endings of both films show that not all relationships romantic or otherwise last, but can shape the course of our lives in ways we didnt expect. Overall, it truly is one of the best films of the year.


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